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Experience an overall lifestyle and nutritional shift that supports your body’s brilliance so you no longer fear disease because you have the knowledge and tools to heal anything.

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Discover true fulfillment and purpose as you guide others along the path of freedom and power where their health and wellbeing is concerned.

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Work with your feminine cyclical design to banish burnout, fuel fulfillment and solve hormone related symptoms.

Learn the biological programs behind depression, anxiety, and ADHD so that you can work with God’s intelligent design to support total mental well being.

Remove the toxicity from your home and personal care products so your body is unburdened and able to heal effortlessly.

Make the nutritional and lifestyle shifts for a healthy weight, favorable body composition, slower aging, better sleep and optimal energy levels.

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step 1

Respect your body’s brilliance and stop relying on a failing, corrupt “healthcare” system that only profits off your sickness.

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Choose which soveREIGN Wellness Workshop you want to start with.

step 3

Make some simple shifts to nutritional and lifestyle coupled with the healing power of plant medicine and enjoy dramatic improvements to your health and wellbeing - without drugs.

in today's culture...

Medical science, the medical profession and professional medical organizations are much like a religion that can’t be questioned.

At the same time, these are for profit businesses. This is the very definition of conflict of interest and a recipe for corruption and manipulation.

The problem being that the “science” is funded by those who stand to profit from its conclusions and so the outcomes of research very often favor the financial interests of the funding institutions.

So instead of taking what the “experts” are saying as gospel truth, our standard is God’s original design - for our food, medicine and our bodies and minds. What was created by man in a lab is far inferior.

"Sovereign Wellness has been a game changer in my journey towards healing."

Sovereign Wellness has been a game changer in my journey towards healing. I use a lot of the recipes as I continue in this lifestyle. I also cannot live without the oils and supplements, I use them daily. Sovereign Wellness has been a life saver when it comes to focusing on a non-toxic lifestyle.

Tiffany Brown
Salt Lake City, UT

"Not only do we feel healthier, have better energy & focus but my family has lost weight too!"

Growing up, I was never educated on the importance of nutrition and was so grateful to find Sovereign Wellness in my adult life. I now feel confident in preparing delicious and healthy meals for my family. I love the awesome online portal, videos, shopping lists, meal planning and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Not only do we feel healthier, have better energy & focus but my family has lost weight too!

Natalie Carson
Las Vegas, NV

"Sovereign Wellness taught me to support my body in alignment with my God-given identity."

Amy shares her personal healing journey with courage and empathy as she teaches self mastery through identity based choices. Her Sovereignty framework and natural wellness expertise taught me to support my body in alignment with my God-given identity, marking the beginning of my own healing journey.

Julia Killian
Normal, IL

"Sovereign Wellness has been life changing."

My experience with Sovereign Wellness has been life changing. It has helped me elevate my wellness and given me a tool to assist my body when it is out of balance. These products will be a part of my day the rest of my life.

Marisa Ramsier
Charlotte, NC

Hi there, I'm Amy!

I believe that our bodies are brilliant and created with everything we need to heal. I created The Sovereign Wellness Collective gives you the knowledge and tools to heal anything so you no longer have to fear your body or disease. This makes you free and powerful beyond measure.

I love spending time in the ocean and with my three children and miniature poodle Ally. I am passionate about healing trauma in body mind and spirit and living the abundant life that is the birthright of each and every one of us.

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